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The founders of Baby Hand Productions are committed to creating visual and audio experiences that stimulate a love for learning, through positive and entertaining experiences, at a very young age. The My Baby Can TalkTM products have been developed to help your baby learn to talk to you before your baby can speak. We know, from experience, that babies can learn to talk to you with their hands if they are taught baby sign language in an engaging format that delights their senses and recognizes their amazing ability to learn.

What if you were unable to speak, unable to write or unable to walk and you were completely dependent upon another person to fulfill all your needs? Now imagine that all you want is a drink of water because you are thirsty. How would you feel if you were unable to communicate that need to that person? Do you think that you might be reduced to tears and screams if you were unable to have this basic need fulfilled?

If you have ever found yourself in a foreign country and have been unable to speak the native language you have experienced, at least in part, the situation that your baby experiences each day, all day long. Without the tools to communicate with the people around you, how would you order a meal or find a hotel? Your self esteem and confidence would be challenged at every turn and you would likely become more and more frustrated.

Did you know that, if your baby is ten months or older, that she has the ability to communicate with you?  Now all she needs are the tools! Please take the time to give her one of the greatest gift of all - to be understood.

Your baby wants to talk to you. Our products have been developed to help you give your baby the ability to talk to you before she can speak.

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