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The Founders

John D. Waidhofer is the President of the company and has more than twenty years of experience in high technology product development. His expertise includes a broad range of software applications specific to the video production field. He also holds a degree in International Business from San Francisco State University and is a partner in a high technology business consulting firm.

Kathleen Waidhofer is the Creative Director of the company and was the driving force behind teaching her daughter, Jessica, to sign. She is a dedicated mother of two and has first hand experience with what it takes to teach a baby to sign from a non-signing background. Kathleen graduated from Stanford University with a degree in International Relations. She is the founder of a financial business consulting firm targeting high technology start-up companies and has been offering these services to Silicon Valley companies for more than fifteen years.

Both John and Kathleen are dedicated parents and advocates of recognizing babies as intelligent little people. They believe that babies will be recognized as such if they are given the tools to communicate before they can speak. Their vision is to make signing with babies as commonplace as teaching babies to speak - setting these intelligent and inexperienced little people on a life-long learning quest, exploring the world through symbols as well as direct experience. All babies would then be bi-lingual - an astonishing advantage in the world of globalization.

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