Benefits of Signing with Your Baby

Reduce Frustration For You and Your Baby

Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Baby

Help Your Baby to Speak Sooner with a Larger Vocabulary

Boost Your Baby's Self-Esteem and Confidence

Help Your Baby Attain a Higher IQ

Enhance Your Baby's Memory

Benefits of Teaching Baby Sign Language To Your Baby

Teaching Baby Sign Language Reduces Frustration For You and Your Baby

Any parent that has ever attempted to console their crying baby understands the frustration if they are unable to help their baby.

For example, suppose your baby wants her favorite teddy bear but is unable to tell you this with words and is unable to point to her bear because it is not in sight. Because she has no other means to tell you what she wants, she begins to cry. So you begin to guess. Perhaps she is hungry, thirsty, has wet diapers, too cold, too warm, etc. If you finally guess that she wants her bear then you are both happy. If you never guess what she wants, you are both left extremely frustrated.

But what if your baby could make the sign for bear? You would simply go and get the bear. You and your baby would then be satisfied and a great deal of wasted time and frustration would be avoided.

Baby Sign Language Strengthens the Bond Between You and Your Baby

The ability to communicate is one of the most important bonds between any two people. Teaching baby sign language provides babies with the ability to communicate before they can speak and strengthens the bond of love and trust between you and your baby. You are likely to feel closer to your baby once she begins to speak because she can now communicate with you. If she can communicate with you earlier, then the bond between the two of you will be strengthen earlier. Each time your baby uses a sign and you respond, you share a common world of perceptions and experiences and the connection between you and your baby becomes stronger.

Teaching baby sign language to your baby allows you to share your baby's world without waiting for her to speak. You are likely to be surprised by what your baby sees, hears and feel. She is looking at the world for the first time.


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