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How to Watch Our Videos
We suggest that you watch the My Baby Can TalkTM videos with your baby several times each week and at the same time during the day until your baby has learned all the signs that are of interest to her. Your baby most likely thrives on routine and she is likely to begin to anticipate watching the videos with you. Pick a time when your baby is well rested and most playful.

You may want to consider the time that the video is playing as a time to teach your baby to sign using the video as a learning tool. The video should be viewed as a resource to encourage interaction between you and your baby using sign language. Your baby will look to you to determine how she should interact with the video. Therefore, if you watch the video, comment on the images and sounds, point at the images, say the words and make the signs as they are presented then she is more likely to do the same. Simply put, if you are interested and having fun with the video then your baby will follow your lead and as a result she will learn to sign.

There are many ways to watch the My Baby Can TalkTM videos with your baby and our advice is that you try a couple of methods that we have found to be very useful. One method is to place your baby on your lap and make the signs that are presented on the video on your baby's body or in front of your baby as each sign is presented in the video. Another method is to sit next to your baby or facing your baby and sign on your own body.

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