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Format Designed to Engage and Delight Your Baby

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What Makes Our Videos Unique

Format Designed to Engage and Delight Your Baby
The My Baby Can Talk series is designed to engage and entertain babies and their parents.  This series features beautiful real world images, delightful puppet shows, colorful toys in motion and babies communicating with simple gestures; set to some of the most famous and inspiring classical music.  The length of the production, and therefore the number of signs featured in each production, is specifically designed to respect the developmental stage, attention span and intellect of hearing babies from 10 to 36 months.

Babies Teaching Babies
My Baby Can Talk
is the first sign language series for babies featuring preverbal babies signing all of the words presented.  This demonstrates that babies can, in fact, sign.  It also shows the way in which babies are likely to sign since most babies use an adapted version of the formal ASL sign.  In addition, babies are naturally inspired by the actions of other babies.  All the signs are presented by an adult as well to ensure that the most pristine form of each ASL sign is demonstrated.

Multiple Visual Images for Each Word
Various images and sounds from different perspectives are presented for each sign being taught including animate and inanimate objects.  This encourages babies to focus on a pattern for a given word by helping them to place different images into one category.  For example, the segment for “cat” includes multiple images of real cats and kittens, a rattle and various toys with the features of a cat as well as the sound that a cat makes.  Offering multiple visual images, sounds and perspectives helps babies reach an important milestone in language development; the application of abstract symbols (signs) to experiences in the world by placing seemingly different objects into one category, long before babies can speak.

American Sign Language
The My Baby Can Talk
series teaches babies American Sign Language (ASL) which is a natural and iconic language.  This means that many of the signs look like distinctive parts of the objects or actions that these signs represent making ASL easy to learn and remember.  ASL serves as the perfect first language for babies since they can more easily make a connection between the sign and the object or action it represents while providing parents a reference source of the language.

Advancing Language Development
The intention of the My Baby Can Talk
series is to bring babies through the developmental milestones in acquiring sign language as a means to communicate as well as encouraging first spoken words.  The first milestone occurs when babies recognize signing as a form of communication by watching and understanding hand movements – passive language development.  The second milestone is marked by a baby’s display of their first sign – active language development.  The third milestone, sometimes referred to as a signing explosion or signing cluster, occurs after a baby has acquired and is actively using their first five to ten signs.  Once babies have passed through these three milestones, they are likely to learn additional signs very rapidly and begin to verbalize as well.

Parent Tutorials & Quick Reference Signing Cards
We have included an easy and enjoyable tutorial which is a practical guide to teaching your baby to sign. This tutorial gives you a few of the most important guidelines to begin to sign with your baby. The tutorial has been placed at the end of the video, for ease of access, so that you can choose whether or not to watch it again and again once you have learned the basic concepts presented.

Commitment to High Quality Production
We are committed to producing high quality products for babies and their parents. Although babies have fewer experiences than adults, or perhaps because of this, we believe that babies are very sensitive to the quality of the media that they watch. Babies prefer clear and colorful images placed into an entertaining format with high quality sounds and music and aesthetically coordinated presentation of sight and sound.

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