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Babies Learn To Sign
We wanted to be sure that babies would in fact learn to sign as a result of watching My Baby Can TalkTM - First Signs. Three mothers and their babies were given the video with simple instructions to watch the video with their babies four times per week and sign whenever they said the words from the video in the presence of their babies.  One baby was 9 months, and the other two babies were 11 months.  All of the babies began signing back to their parents within three weeks of watching the video for the first time.  One baby began signing the second time he watched the video!

Here are their stories.

Ramona & Ziana:
Ramona and Ziana began watching the My Baby Can TalkTM - First Signs video when Ziana was nine months old.  Within the first week, Ziana began signing back to Ramona.  Ziana's first sign was more.  The following day, Ziana made the sign for milk.  Ziana quickly added the signs for eat, cat, shoes and dog within the next couple of weeks.  For all the signs that she learned in this short period of time, Ziana always made the first sign for each word while watching the video.

 "I began watching the My Baby Can TalkTM - First Signs video with my daughter when she was nine months old. She took to it right away and began signing within one week.  Being able to communicate with my daughter for her basic needs has created a very important facet to our already close relationship. My daughter can now tell me when she is hungry, thirsty, or when she needs more of anything. This has reduced much frustration and helped us understand more of her needs at an important stage in her development.  I have found that using the My Baby Can Talk - First Signs video has produced much faster results than friends who have tried to teach signing without such a visual, organized, thought-promoting tool. Most importantly, this program makes learning fun!"

About Ramona:
Ramona holds a Master of Arts degree in Communications as well as a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential for K through 12.  Before becoming a full time mom, Ramona also worked as an Editor in education publishing.  Ramona now spends her time caring for her daughter, Ziana, who was born in June of 2003.


Sue & Ella:
Sue and Ella began watching the My Baby Can TalkTM - First Signs video when Ella was eleven months old.  In less than three weeks, Ella began signing back to Sue.  Ella's first sign was fish. The following day, Ella made the signs for milk, dog and book.

"My one-year old found the video very engaging and each morning would excitedly point towards the television waiting for the 'play' button to be pressed. It was only a few weeks before she was signing fish. Cat, dog, car, and horse followed soon afterwards. Once she learnt 'more', she had another way to communicate her wishes while on the garden swing. Now, when we try and lift her out of her swing in the garden before she's ready she'll sign 'more' for a few more minutes of swing time.

It was exciting to see my daughter look at my hands with an understanding that I was communicating something. Now she uses her hands frequently.  It's wonderful to have such a channel for communication. She's pleased when we show delight in her signing and will repeat the sign over again for good measure.

The video is professionally made and clearly communicates to both baby and adult how to sign using your hands. However, the music may be a little too catchy as I now find myself humming it throughout the day.

My husband and I had initial reservations about placing my daughter in front of the television almost every day for half an hour. But after several weeks of doing so, she is still only interested in the My Baby Can TalkTM - First Signs video and disregards everything else that's on the screen."

About Sue:
Sue holds a BS degree in Psychology.  After receiving her degree, Sue entered the field of media via public relations and then moved on to video production.  During her career, Sue produced both corporate videos and commercials.  Sue is now a stay at home mom and cares for her baby, Ella, who was born in March of 2003.

Annika & Niklas:
Annika and Niklas began watching the My Baby Can TalkTM - First Signs video when Niklas was eleven months old.  Niklas' first sign was more and he made this sign while watching the video for the second time.  Niklas also made the sign for milk while nursing on the same day that he communicated with his first sign.  Within two weeks, Niklas added ten more signs to his vocabulary.  Once Niklas begins to speak he will be tri-lingual as he is currently signing and learning both English and Swedish. 

"My baby Niklas and I started watching My Baby Can TalkTM - First Signs when Niklas was 11 months old. I had heard positive feedback about the benefits from taking sign language classes and learning programs with infants, so I was interested in teaching Niklas to sign. 

It was clear from the very beginning that Niklas was stimulated by the video. After watching the video twice, my baby was already signing the word 'more' to me. I was totally astonished and thrilled.  Niklas has learned to sign 16 of the 20 signs featured in the video. He has also learned many other signs as well. Niklas' face lights up, and he bounces with joy when he sees the introduction to the video. Now, Niklas instantly knows to look at my hands and watch my gestures when I am speaking to him. He loves to "talk" to me with his hands, and I love watching the satisfaction he gains from using his newly learned form of language.

The My Baby Can TalkTM - First Signs video presents useful words using ASL and the English language in a clear and stimulating format, which facilitates both the parent and the baby's ability and desire to want to learn.  The pace of the video is proportionately balanced to capture and hold the child's attention while not boring either the parent or the child viewer. This is important since it is suggested that you and your baby watch the video approximately four times a week for maximum learning benefit. The images are colorful and fun and presented in a varied and creative fashion. The background music is inspiring and delightful. This video is brilliant!

Now that he knows he can talk with his hands and that I will understand, he has learned many more signs. Niklas is more confident and autonomous. I feel closer to him, and I am happy to be able to understand what he is "talking" about. This has greatly facilitated my understanding of what his needs are, and, as a result, it has reduced frustration linked to the communication-language barrier of this age."

About Annika:
Annika received a BS degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Urban Planning.  Before becoming a full time mom, Annika worked as a veterinary technician and manager in animal hospitals.  Annika now spends her time caring for her son, Niklas, who was born in February of 2003.

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