Complete Early Language Development Program

Jump start communication before your baby can speak


Better Communication With Baby Sign Language Means Less Fussing

Learning baby sign language gives babies and parents an effective way to communicate at an early age, reducing frustration for both and creating a special bond that is so important for healthy child development.

Babies who use sign language tend to speak sooner with larger vocabularies, show an increase in IQ scores and engage in more sophisticated play.  Preverbal signing has also been shown to reduce the frustration broadly associated with “the terrible twos.”

Any parent that has ever attempted to console their crying baby understands the frustration if they are unable to help their baby. MORE...


Babies Are Talking With Their Hands Before They Form Words!

All babies use their hands to communicate before they can speak, such as waving bye-bye and clapping. Research shows that babies can learn to communicate using sign language as early as ten months old, well before their vocal capacity to formulate spoken words is developed. MORE...

Baby sign language

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