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Janelle Gilbert, from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  
       As a former elementary/preschool teacher and first time mother of my son Kaegan, now 17 months, I tell EVERYONE about this video!I saw it in Parent Magazine and decided to order it for my son at 7 months. He watched it about two times a day and LOVED IT!His first sign was at 11 months for MILK, of course! Being a teacher, I wanted a fun, excited, yet evenly paced and educational video- this is it! Perfect!I rave about this video and can't wait for the others to come out! I give it a 10+ and recommend it to everyone I know who has a child.Sign Language is important to learn for adults too, so make sure you sit down with your child a few times a week to learn it!

I rate this dvd a 5 star plus
Leah, from Longview, WA  
       I recently purchased My Baby Can Talk for my 11 month old daughter. After just the first time we watched it together she could sign book, more and eat. The most impressive thing about this dvd is not that she has learned nearly all the signs in less than a month, but how much she loves this dvd. As soon as I ask her if she wants me to play her dvd she squeals with excitment. And as soon as she hears the music she starts dancing and signing with it. What is also wonderful about this dvd is she is learning to say the words faster. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to communicate better, improve I.Q. and to teach there child another language.

Customer Service
Rebecca, from Valdosta/GA  
       I have not gotten my DVD yet, I ordered it an hour ago and they already shipped it!!! My comment goes to the wonderful customer service they have. I ordered 2 DVDs by accident and only wanted one. They contacted me and credited my card within an hour after I emailed them. I will buy from them again!!!! I can not wait to get my DVD.

Love This Video
Melissa, from San Antonio, TX  
       We just started the video a month ago and my 16 month old daughter already knows 4 signs. I bought a book and she has learned a couple that aren't even on the video. As far as the other videos go, they are over rated, you get the same or a better product for less money! Please continue to make more of these!!!

Happier Baby
Renee, from Ontario, Canada  
       My daughter loves this video, and it has helped so much in cutting down on frustration for her and us. There have even been times when we have not noticed it was time for milk, and she will come up to us and sign milk so that we realize we're late. This video was a wonderful idea.Thank you

A New Favorite!
Kimberly, from Deltona, FL  
       I've been signing to my twin daughters since birth. They are now 16 months old and are learning signs so quickly! This is their new favorite sign language video. They are starting to sign along, and they laugh at all the fun things they see. I highly recommend this video!

My kids love it!!
Cinnamon, from Port Orchard  
       This DVD is great, my kids like to watch it over and over. They love knowing the signs. It is a very cute DVD one I don't mind letting them watch, I even sign along too.

Thank You!!!!!
Heather, from Forest Hill, MD  
       My son and his big sister have been watching this for about 5 months and they both love it, they are both doing the signs, and it is great that they can communicate together, but I can communicate with him. It truly does stop a lot of the frustration. We cannot wait for the next video.

Thank You Thank You Thank You
Jillianne, from Seaside, CA  
       Look-I showed my daughter your dvd when she was only 2 mos old. SHE LOVED IT! And now she is going on 5 mos old and you can see that she is starting to understand the signs when we do them too. She watches that video because it is so bright, friendly, musical and such. Sometimes it is the only way we can calm her down. And I know my cousin's son already knows all the signs within the first month of getting the dvd and he loves to do them for people and has started learning more signs because of this really ought to make more like this one..I mean just like it the same way just new signs. Like maybe items around a house and such. and other actions...oh, you were geniuses on this one...please make another with more signs! Even my husband and I love watching it.

My Son Responded Immediately
Rachel, from El Mirage, Arizona  
       I was absolutely thrilled to see my 12 month old son respond to the signs the very first time he watched this video! I had been trying to encourage him to sign 'more', 'eat', and 'drink' for a couple of months without much luck but the first time he watched the video, he signed 'more' all by himself for the first time! Also, when he saw the sign for shoes, he excitedly jumped off my lap and picked up the first shoe he could find. He was excited to show us that he understood. He also signed 'go' all by himself and I had never even tried teaching him 'go' before! The only complaint I have is that I wish there were more signs that my son could use around the house on a daily basis such as sleep, bath, open, close, hat, etc. instead of signs like dinosaur, duck or mouse. However, now that my son has discovered his ability to communicate I'm sure I won't have any problem teaching him those signs on my own. My son absolutely loves this video and anything that makes him so happy makes me happy and I can't wait to purchase the next video.

My Baby Can Talk
Elaine, from Dallas, TX  
       I have watched this tape with my daughter of 10 months only four times and she has already used the sign for milk. This is a wonderful program to help communicate with our babies. She is my fifth and wish I had had this with my older children. Thanks, we need more tapes like this one.

Congratulations from Lima, Peru
Giannina, from Lima, Peru  
       I am from Peru, South America, I bought the DVD by internet and I am fascinated with the results. My baby began to watch the DVD since he was 9.5 months, now he is 15 months and he knows almost all signs, he began signing dog and day by day he did more signs as eat when he was hungry, more when he wanted more water for example, and so on. He also made a combination of 2 signs that was book and fish when he wanted us to give him his fish story book! I am totally satisfied with this DVD. I have another son that is 2 months ago and I definitely will use your DVD with him also. Congratulations!!

Angela, from CA  
       Excellent DVD!!! -- We began teaching our daughter sign when she was 7 months old. We tried several other DVDs until this one but she wasn't interested. Once we put in My Baby Can Talk it immediately engaged her and she started interacting with the program right away. Every time I put it on she claps. The only problem is we now need more DVDs made by you!

My Baby Can Talk
Helen, from Houston, TX  
       My baby just loves the DVD My Baby Can Talk. Thank you so much! He is learning to do the signs and kicks his legs with glee when he sees me putting it on for him.

Progress At Last!!
Lisa, from Tavares, FL  
       I purchased you dvd awhile ago frustrated because my daughter being diagnosed with developmental delay was making no progress with talking. She watched the DVD for about a month and then she did her first sign ( more) and even tried to say more. You have no idea how great it felt to finally at 18 months to have my daughter communicate to me. She now does at least 10 signs and says about 35-40 words. Thank you for your wonderful DVDs.

Trina - Mom to An`Jae Nycole 11 mos., from Sachse, Texas  
       I began watching the video with my daughter when she was 9 mos. I taught her the main words she would use in eveyday life around the house first. She LOVES to sign now. Family, friends, and strangers are so impressed when they see her use the signing in public. I am so glad I found you!

Your better than Baby Einstein
Jill, from Annapolis, MD  
       I'm looking forward to your next release. Because I know it will be Wonderful. Baby Einstein has a lot of work to do to top you guys. Your doing a great job keep it up.

Judee, from Ottawa, ON  
       Congratulations on your outstanding dvd, My Baby Can Talk, First Signs. I recently ordered it for my granddaughter, 10 and 1/2 months old, and she is absolutely enthralled with it. Her mommy and I have been signing to her for a few months now but I'd say the dvd arrived at the most perfect time in her development, about a week ago. She is completely taken by it and while watching it also manages to keep an eye on us as we sign along with the dvd. She has already started using a few of the signs.

My Baby Can Talk
Janice, from Fort Worth, TX  
       My daughter loves the DVD. It is the 1st DVD that she would sit still and watch. She now knows about 14 of the signs from watching it.

Worth Every Cent!
Kathy, from CA  
       We started playing this video for my son when he was less than 6 months. At first he was fascinated by the images and then he started doing the signs on his own when he saw the objects in real life. He got to the point where he would hear the video in the background and knew what sign to do by the music. Now he is over 18 months. He hasn't watched the video for awhile but he still remembers the signs and uses them to communicate. It has been a lifesaver for him to be able to do the signs to tell us what he wants. Hoping the next video comes out very soon so my son can learn more signs!

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