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We Can Communicate   
Julea, from Indianapolis, IN  
       My 13 month old daughter and I can really communicate. We started watching the DVD when she was 10months old. She loves the to watch ths DVD. She dances to the music and signs along with the DVD. I have recommended this to all of my friends. We dont get frustrated with trying to figure out what Sam wants, she tells us with her hands!!!!!

First Signs DVD
Julie, from Little Falls, MN  
       My son loves this video! He sits with rapt attention and learned the signs quickly just from watching and immitating the people on the video. We can't wait to get the next video in the series.

Favorite Video
Carol, from Huber Heights, OH  
       I purchased the DVD when my grandson was 7 months old. We began watching it every Friday when I cared for him. He is 11 months old now and it is his favorite. He will sit and watch from the beginning to the end. We sign the words to him and he seems to understand. A few times we think he has tried to sign (milk, dog). We would love to have a My Baby Can Talk - 2. Some days when he comes to my house, he begs to watch by pointing and looking at the TV. We have several other videos, but this is the one that keeps his attention best.

My son, Colin loves this DVD
Colleen, from Manchester, NH  
       My son, Colin loves this DVD. He is 7 months old, and gets excited everytime we put the video in. I can't wait until they come out with the next one!! I hope that it is soon, because he is ready for a new one.

Top Quality
Olivia, from Cambridge, MA  
       It is simply an audio-visual pleasure to watch it. For myself and my 3-year old, the signs are a welcome by-product of the DVD. The digital quality of the recording is absolutely the best in the market. The selection of the real images and toys are adorable; the segments of the classical music are designed specifically to appeal to children and adult alike and the rhymes in the video are very cute......

We love your video
Laura, from Mesquite, TX  
       My Mother bought my daughter your video and she watches your show everyday. She likes to make the sign for the next sequence before it is shown on the screen. Incredible. Your DVD got us very excited and it is something my Mother and I are very into. It is neat to have my own secret language with my 14 month old baby girl. She learned alot from your video in four months. Her sign vocab is extensive--we teach her four new signs everyday.

Highly recommend
Alicia, from Arvada, CO  
       This video has been awesome. My daughter learned all the signs on this video by the time she was 16mo. She now uses them to communicate when she's hungry or thirsty. It's great for her entertainment purposes as well as being educational. Highly recommend.

We both love it
Kelley, from Edmonds, WA  
       Thank you for such an entertaining and eductational DVD. Our daughter and I both enjoy it and and it's such a cheerful and happy program. She hasn't signed yet, but she's getting close and understands when we say and sign

Great tool for learning!
Nichole, from Wichita, KS  
       I started signing to my daughter when she was about 9 months old, but after purchasing this video at 14 months I wish I would have found it sooner! She learned much more quickly from the video than she did from my day-to-day signing. Within weeks she is signing almost all of the words on the video. It is wonderful to see her communicate and I hope the next video in the series comes out soon!

Fantastic Learning Tool
Zoenda, from Culver City, CA  
       My 14 month old loves signing along with the dvd, and simultaneously tries to say the words also. Doing the sign language throughout our day and sometimes watching the dvd are clearly encouraging her verbal attempts at communication. She's so happy to tell us things she sees and wants. Her older brother (almost 3 yrs) has started doing signs again when he talks, so he can help her learn words and help us translate what she's saying. I can't recommend this dvd more!

It Really Works!
Sandra, from Cloverdale, CA  
       My daughter, Emilee, started watching the video at 6 months and loves it. She gets so excited when the music starts. She started making her fist signs at 8 months. She is 9 months now and does about 6 signs. She did bird yesterday while we were reading and duck last night at bath time. Of course, we had to take pictures!!

Fantastic Learning Tool
Kel, from Medford, OR  
       Thank you for making such a fantastic learning tool for our daughter. This video is perfect for the ASL-learning baby. Our daughter Jazmin is 1 year old and can sign 9 signs. This video fascinates her because she can see others speaking her language! I can't wait for the next ones to come out.

Wow, I love this video
Charlotte, from Rockwall. TX  
       We got it when my daughter was about 6 months old. She is now 18 months. It helped to expand her vocabulary, and helped me to understand her, when she wasn't able to say the word. Amazing!!

Love it!
Rene, from Spring, Texas  
       I loved how this video incorporated classical music into it. I love the real pictures and the babies signing and esp. for parents, the woman signing. I love this website and how you include all the toys and accessories that were used in the video (where to find/buy them)...also love the dictionary of signs. Thanks for all the info! Great job!

My baby loves this video
Savitri, from Missouri  
       My baby is 13 months and I've been signing to her since she was 5 months old. Her first sign was milk at 6 months and then dog at 7 months or so. She quit for a while and with Kathleen's suggestions my baby signed again at 10 months. With the help of the video my baby understood the fact that her hands are her tools to communicate with us. She now knows 30-35 words and always learning more. This is the only video my daughter will sit through from front to end. Standing in front of the TV she would sign fish... which is sign that she wants to watch the video. It's so cute watching her jump up and down with a big grin on her face when I get up to push the play button for her. I am sure everybody feels this way about their kids but my husband and I would constantly say, she's a genius each time she signs something most kids can't say (like dinosaur) or when she learns a new one. Thanks for the awesome video. A real sanity saver for us! Can't wait for the next one!!!

Alessandra Reavis, from Houston, TX  
       I just started watching with my 5 month old daughter and even though it says for 10 months and up she still watches it and responds to the sights and music. She wont take her eyes off. What a wonderful product, I'm very, very pleased with this purchase.

My 7 month old loves this video.
Christy, from St. Petersburg, FL  
       She is mesmerized by the animals and baby Jessica. She loves this much more than Baby Einstein. It's also not as intense as other signing videos that try to cram in knowledge without the fun of this one. I highly recommend it and wish there were more.

Sandi, from Toms River, NJ  
       My 9-month old daughter has been watching this DVD for about a month and a half. She is just captivated when it is on. She gets very excited when she hears the music and is now beginning to wave her hands around when she is watching Baby Jessica sign. It is absolutely amazing how interested she is in this DVD. We are looking forward to the next DVD in the series to become available. I have recommended this DVD to all of my friends with little ones.

Nancy, from Armada, Michigan  
       I began showing my grandaughter Kyleigh, your Dvd, 3 days a week when I would babysit. Within about three months she was signing and seems to pick-up new signs everytime we watch it. I was amazed how she would watch the demonstration of a sign, then look at her own hands and attempt it all on her own! She has also memorized the sequence because as soon as one sign is done she will begin signing the upcoming sign, even before she sees it. I like to combine the signs and your dvd is a help. When we see the bear eating berries, I will sign to her 'bear eat'. We are becoming so close and her parents are amazed at her ability. Thank you for a wonderful DVD. This is so educational and entertaining.

Better than Einstein!
Dorothy, from Red Bank, NJ  
       The My Baby Can Talk DVD is my 9 month old daughters favorite. She has been watching it for 3 months now and you can see that she is way more engaged with it than her Baby Einstein videos. Not to say they aren't good but My Baby Can Talk continues to captivate her while she is learning!! not just simply being entertained. She falls to sleep with other videos, but with this she seems to always waits until its over. I expect to see her signing any day now. Thanks.

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