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I'm Spreading the Word   
Janet, from La Selva Beach, CA  
       When my grandson, Nathan, was born I went to visit him and while I was rocking him to sleep I was watching a morning TV show. A segment came on about baby sign language and I was very impressed. When I arrived home I did a search on my computer and ordered the My Baby Can Talk DVD. On my next visit to my son's home we all watched the DVD. My 8-year old granddaughter learned the signs very quickly. I am so impressed with this concept that I have told strangers about it, along with all my friends. I have now purchased a second DVD so I will know the signs when I have the privilege of being with my grandson.

Frances, from San Diego, CA  
       My son just turned 2, he loves the dvd, he especially loves the animals. he knows how to sign everything it took him 2 weeks of watching it. im just so amazed. i wish i had got this dvd sooner, but he is enjoying it.

My 10 month old loves this video
Heather, from Collins NY  
       My 10 month old loves this video. Both of his older sisters can sign and now he can make one or two signs to them! He watches the video daily with real interest!

No Regrets!
Vanessa, from Chicago Illinois  
       We are first time parents, and the biggest mistake we have made is, not introducing this video to our son sooner. We introduced this DVD to our son when he was 19 months...until then he was not interested in any form of television so we were reluctant to buy it. We did a lot of research on baby signing and came across a lot of different videos, but this one got our attention. Sure enough our son LOVES the video. He has learned to implement the sign words with his own vocabulary and substitutes oral words for sign! He is now 24 months old and can sign with Jessica (the baby teacher in the video)...We can not wait until the next volume is released or produced! A must for all parents!!!!

Margie, from Crossville, Tennessee  
       Unbelieveable!!! The first week my non verbal 3 year old was signing like a champ! Alot of his frustration has disappeared! Thanks!!!

This better work!!!
Katelyn, from Ladysmith WI  
       That's what I thought when I bought the DVD. I didn't want to waste my money on something that would just waste my time. But after I had tryed out the DVD I knew that it was for me. I couldn't believe how fast my baby picked it up. We use it everyday. It helps me understand him more and the needs that he must have. I will do anything for my child and this was the best thing so far. I'm so proud of him.

Kathy, from Ladysmith WI  
       This was the best thing in the world. My baby and I are able to understand each other now that there is no speaking barrier between us. Thank you!!

Fabulous Program
Megan, from Richmond, Virginia  
       I can not say enough positive things about signing with my son. I have told all of our friends about your program. He is now 17 months old and can communicate with us without frustration! I feel so blessed to be able to know what he is thinking. Typically at this age children don't have a lot of words yet so I feel like I am getting an inside look earlier than I would have without sign which means I am learning more about my son sooner and therefore, I feel closer to him. His face lights up and he gets so excited when I repeat his thought after he has signed because he knows I understand what he is communicating. How incredible! I love your web site, it is so easy to use and learn from, much better than a book. Thank you for providing us with the tools we need to be closer to our child!

Educational entertainment
JJ, from Burlington, WI  
       The moment I popped in the DVD my daughter (then 10-months old) loved the program. At 11.5 months she started signing along with the DVD. At 12 months she started labeling things around the house with signs she'd learned. Now at 12.5 months she's actually communicating her desires! A success in both the entertainment and educational realms!!

My 23 month old loves it!
Charlene, from Trinity/Florida  
       My 23 month old loves it! I wish I had got it for him sooner!

Great Video. Very entertaining.
Carol, from Tooele, Utah  
       My 10 month old loves this video. Out of ALL of the video's she has I would say this is the best. Great photography and it's just the right pace to teach anyone how to sign. Thank You !!!!

Excellent family dvd for babies and toddlers!
Janine, from Summit, NJ  
       My 21 month old son and 4 1/2 year old daughter love this dvd. (so do I)!! My little one is now talking and signing in his sleep! I love the sweet music and thumbs up for including organic products;)

No more screaming
Erin, from Gainesville, FL  
       My son is 28 months and says very few words, so when he wants something he either brings it to me or points and screams. We have had this video for less than two weeks and he has made the sign for almost all of the ones taught in the video. He loves this video and insists that he watch it almost constantly, sometimes four times in a row! Yesterday for the first time he signed eat to tell me he was hungry. I quickly gave him a cracker. He ate it and returned with a scream. I asked if he wanted more and I signed more and eat. He pointed to the cookies and signed eat. After he ate the first one, he then signed more so I gave him another. I was so excited that I didn't even care how many cookies he wanted. It has been a frustrating road with a child who understands everything we say, but who cannot communicate with words. Now we have signs. We look forward to more videos. Thank You.

The Best Video Ever
Wendy, from Dover, NH  
       I bought this for my 8 month old....(she is now 14 months) Not really sure about sign language. Well she loved the video so much that we limit her viewing it to twice a day. And just from watching it she has taught her self to sign. Not that I proud of it or would recommend teaching this way but she now does at least 10 signs just from watching the video repeatedly. Thank you. I would love to see a second video for other signs. My husband and I both agree that this helps cut down her frustration level incredibly and she sign all the time for what she wants.

The best I've found
Marge, from St. Louis  
       I ordered other DVDs, but this one is the best by far. I started watching it with my son when he was about 4 months old. He responds very well to the people, smiling broadly whenever baby Jessica or the adult signer, Melissa appear on the screen. With the other DVDs I've tried, we both became bored easily and quickly; they just showed sign, object, sign, then moved on to the next one. They boasted things like "65 signs" or "100 signs" on their DVDs. Yes, true, but very boring to watch and way too much info for a little one to learn. My Baby Can Talk, however, is fun, has catchy tunes, and is entertaining for parent AND child. I recommend checking some DVDs out of the library first, then picking the one that works best for you and your child rather than spending the $$$ on ones that don't work. Had I done that, I would have seen how My Baby Can Talk exceeds the other sign language DVDs out there without wasting the $$$$.

So rewarding!
John, from Ottawa, ON, Canada  
       I wish we'd started our son on this earlier - we'll correct that with our next child. We started our son on the DVD at about 14 months. He was quite captivated by the video, and he's not easily entertained by TV. After just 2-3 viewings, I was reading him a book when he suddenly signed for "mouse". I was overcome with pride when I notice the mouse on the page! It's great that he can sign for "eat" when he's hungry, rather than leaving us wondering about what's bothering him. I confess to showing off his signing ability when we're visiting friends, letting him go through the repertoire he's picked up through the DVD. The fact that we were also able to teach him to sign "Mommy" and "Daddy", which were not on the DVD, is proof that he understands that signing is a viable form of communication. My wife and I have recommended this DVD to everyone we know of who is expecting or already has young children.

Tracy, from Valley Grande, AL  
       I absolutely love this dvd! My baby has learned (in less than a month) all of the signs and uses them very frequently. She even started signing "more-dogs" and "more-eat". She's making sentences!!! I really want to buy this on VIDEO for her mothers' day out class so that others she spends time with will be able to benefit and communicate with her. PLEASE let me know as soon as the next dvd is produced- we're ready for more words!

My 10 month old can talk!
Phelia, from Vancouver, B.C. Canada  
       I was floored to see my 10 month old girl using the sign for dog while chasing our dog Bobo around, she has been watching the video for only one month, this is a bigger milestone than learning how to walk! Now if only I could teach my husband sign language too...

Excellent video!
Jaynee, from Vancouver, WA  
       My 11 mo LOVES to watch this video. The pictures, words, and music are exciting and entertaining--keeps her attention the entire time.

Great so far!
Dana, from Delaware  
       My 9 month old is quite engaged by this video. It captures her attention more than any other signing DVD that we have (and I have them all). She is not signing just yet, but I think we are getting close, and she LOVES this video.

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