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Talk to me Baby!   
Lynn, from Loganville, GA  
       I am a mother of 2 young boys ages 5 and 2. I have been signing with them since my oldest was 2 1/2. It is amazing to see them communicate through signs. I have shared my passion for signing with my children with several other community moms and together we teach our children to sign. When we viewed this DVD at our recent meeting it was amazing to see the kids stop playing and focus their attention to the television. My 2 year old started signing along with the baby on the video. The video is done in such a way as to capture and hold the attention of a child. I love the fact that you not only see the sign demonstrated by a person, but by a child. It is sometimes difficult to interpret a child's sign and this is fabulous at showing that sometimes tiny hands have difficulty mimicking exactly the way the sign should be performed. They don't have to be perfect, you just have to know what to look for and how to interpret. The other mommies loved the DVD so much that I have yet to get my copy back to enjoy it myself. It is being passed around. I have viewed many signing videos but became discouraged at how stiff and boring they can be. This one is very soothing and presents the signs in an easy to follow format. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to incorporate signing with their child to use this DVD as a learning aid!

Susan, from Hungerford, TX  
       This DVD is wonderful.... the tutorial section is very educational for those of us who have no background in signing.... my granddaughter (15 mo. old) was signing for 'cow', 'dog' and 'more' within 2 or 3 days after her first introduction to the video.

My son LOVES this DVD!
Sharifa, from Fremont, CA  
       I started signing to my son Dru at 7 weeks old. I got the My Baby Can Talk DVD when he was 6 mo and he fell in love with it the first time watching!! Now at 9 mo, he seems to start some signs like dog and more but they aren't too defined yet but even so, he can watch the DVD 2 times a day every day! He laughs when he watches us turn the DVD on because he knows that 'his' movie is coming on! My two older boys (10, 5) and my fiance are all learning the signs too and sign to him as well!!

I Love This DVD!!!!!!
Amy, from Dudley, MA  
       We got this DVD about 2 months ago and watch it at least 3 times a week with my 1 year old and my 3 1/2 year old. Both of my daughters love it. My older child learned how to sign when she was little so we wanted to share the experience with my baby. The results are amazing!!!!! At 12 months old by younger daughter is signing eat, more, milk, and change (to change her diaper). When my mother babysat the kids this weekend she had to ask my older daughter what the baby was doing when she was signing change, and sure enough she had a dirty diaper. WOW!!! Oh and last night when the baby was up and down every hour and we couldn't get her to calm down I put the DVD in and she calmed right down. Thank you for making this DVD....We love it. My baby is learning how to tell us her needs.

Best for Babies!
Trena, from Summerville, GA  
       I bought "My Baby Can Talk - First Signs" DVD for my 23 month old daughter. She loves to watch it. She asks to watch this more than any other program or DVD. She learned the signs in less than a week. I highly recommend this for anyone with children. It is better than any other sign language video for babies that I have seen.

My son LOVES this video!
Candace, from Lacey, Washington  
       After watching this video a half dozen times, my 18 month old son Billy can sign more, eat, bear, car, shoes, drink and dog. As soon as he hears the opening music, he is glued to this video all the way through to the very end. Billy does not watch any thing else with such intensity or attention as this video, he just loves it!!!!

Great for older kids too!
Katie, from Scotts Valley, CA  
       Both of our children love this DVD! Our 6 year old boy enjoys revisiting signs he once learned AND is encouraged to learn new ones. The music drew our 4 year old girl in and she was so proud that she could pick up the signs quickly. It's very calming to watch and reinforces a love for learning. The signs are given slowly and with great close-ups on hand position The corresponding toys and real life images reaffirm the message and make it FUN! The inside cover of the DVD provides a helpful quick-guide for the word and sign. We definitely recommend My Baby Can Talk!

Grandson Loves It
Joyce, from Wilmington, NC  
       I bought this for my 16 mo. grandson...not really knowing what to expect. He loves the video and picked right up on the signs. Now we know what he wants because he can sign. A MUST for every baby!

My daughter absolutely loves the video!
Elizabeth, from Lafayette, LA  
       I began signing to my daughter at 10 months. It was not until I showed her the video a month later that she really picked up on it. She is 12 months now and doing several signs. Just yesterday as she watched the video she attemped the sign for butterfly. So, after only 2 months she knows the sign for milk, eat, more, book, car, bird, mouse and butterfly. She absolutely loves the video. The music and images are wonderful. She is captivated the entire time.

A great resource for parents, grandparents and babies
Jacki, from State College, PA  
       Wonderfully presented, educationally sound, this is a great resource for parents, grandparents and babies. I'm expecting my first grand baby, and bought the DVD, sharing it with a co-worker who has an 8 month old and a 3 year old. The 3 year old loves it and will be teaching the baby! The mom is thrilled and excited. I am planning to give these DVDs as gifts to all my clients with new babies! Thank you for such a well executed product.

A Great DVD!
Karen, from Antioch, CA  
       My daughter loves the My Baby Can Talk - First Signs DVD. We watch it two or three times a week and she is riveted. It is so similar to the style of the Baby Einstein videos which are really entertaining. Isabella, who is almost 18 months old, has picked up several new signs rather quickly. Within her first week she had learned cow, go and bird. Now she's practicing how to sign butterfly and car. It's so amazing to watch her learn. It has also really cut down on the amount of screaming in the house. There's no reason for her to scream when she can clearly communicate with us. It's great! This DVD is fantastic and I plan on recommending it to everyone I know.

Great DVD for Signing!
Kristinna, from Largo, Florida  
       I have your first DVD that I purchased a month ago and my kids love it. My 4 yr old and 2 yr old can do all the signs. My youngest son is showing autistic symptoms and has not learned how to speak. My 4 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter love the video and always ask to watch it. We purchased it to help our 1 1/2 yr old to find a way to communicate with us. They watch it at least once a day, sometimes more. Over this last weekend he made the sign for eat while we were feeding him in a restaurant. My husband and I were so happy we were crying in the middle of Chick-Fil-A. I know it was just one sign, but for us it was a major milestone, and I am sure it is just the beginning. I would advise any one to purchase this video! Thanks!

Great for holding your child's attention
Aimee, from Rocklin, California  
       My 17 mo son really enjoys this video. From the first time he watched it he started signing "more". Now, he can make many of the signs. And the best part is, it holds his attention throughout the entire video. I really wish however, it would've included the signs for "please" & "thank you". I would definitly recommend this video to other parents, and I have!

Producers Note: My Baby Can Talk™ - First Signs was designed to teach young babies to use sign language to communicate basic wants, needs and interests. Signs for the words “please” and “thank you” can be very confusing to a young baby who has never used signs to communicate. We have found that if these signs are introduced at the beginning of the learning process, babies tend to use these signs for everything instead of indicating what specifically they want or need. The appropriate time to introduce these signs is when a baby can successfully communicate using signs and is beginning to combine signs. Note that the signs for these words are found in our Dictionary of Signs on this web site and will be included in the parenting section of our next DVD in the My Baby Can Talk™ series.

The most important academic gift a parent can give their child
Michael, from Battle Ground, WA  
       As an educational consultant the most important academic gift a parent can give their child is the ability to communicate. Since a baby develops hand dexterity before vocal development a child can communicate through hand signals at a surprisingly early age. This clever approach focuses on what a baby is interested in: eat, drink, milk, the names of animals and more. What a gift!

Excellent signing video for babies
Marie, from Pacific Grove, CA  
       I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. This video was clearly produced by someone who understands a baby's world. I love the choice of signs taught in this video as they are clearly directed towards objects and events that babies are interested in in "talking" about.

This video teaches basic signs such as eat, drink, milk and more. It also includes signs for animals. It is great that the producers of this baby signing video understand what children's publishers have always known - that babies and children love animals. Babies will learn to sign in a shorter period of time using this video because they are offered signs for words that they are interested in.

Grandma approved
Gina, from Sacramento, CA  
       I am a professional in the field of Child Development. I have raised four children and have helped to raise four grandchildren. This DVD teaches and engages babies better than any program I have ever seen. When you put a baby in front of this video they are captivated by the sounds, colors and movement. Something dynamic happens-the baby begins to interact with the material. You must see it to believe it.

A fantastic investment for your child
Lisa, from Dublin, CA  
       WOW!!!!! We watched My Baby Can Talk last night and although Logan is only 5 1/2 months, he was enthralled by your program. It was entertaining, easy to watch from an adult perspective and the attention to detail by adding the quick reference guide was appreciated. My husband thought your selection of vocabulary was very appropriate and simple enough that even he could remember to use it on a regular basis. Logan enjoys watching Baby Einstein and this easily surpasses the Disney standard.

Really captures our daughter's attention
Angela, from Seattle, WA  
       My daughter started to watch this video when she was 10 months old. Within just two viewings, she was signing back to us her first sign. We were thrilled. We love that the video contains a lot of animals, because in everyday life she encounters many animals, especially in all the books we read together. She really enjoys signing the various animals as we turn the pages. By 12 months she was signing everything in the video back to us, and now at 16 months, she signs and speaks all the words in the video. We love that the video is so well produced. The music, and video quality is A+, and really captures our daughter's attention.

It is as entertaining as it is instructional
Genny, from Pleasantville, NY  
       The DVD is great. It is as entertaining as it is instructional. The best one I've seen. My 20-mo. old baby loves it.

Thank you for such a colorful, fun and educational video
Arnica, from Portland, Oregon  
       Both of my boys, ages 3 and ages 13 months love the video. The repetition is wonderful. The music is fun and full of energy. My older boy picked up all of the signs very quickly, and is ready for more. My 13 month old now signs when he wants something to eat and/or drink. He gets the biggest smile when I turn on the video and the cat appears. Thank you for such a colorful, fun and educational video. We look forward to the next one.

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