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Compelling to the babies and engaging to their parents   
John, from Santa Cruz, California  
       Now, it may well be true that children who learn to sign as babies are more advanced in verbal language (both vocabulary and earlier acquisition) with IQs tested higher than children who do not learn to sign as babies, but what is clear to me is that if you provide a baby with the means (the signs and the interest of the parents) to make their needs and desires known, you have a miracle on your hands. The transformation of a baby from a socially responsive organism (show her a human face and presto, giant smiles and sweet coos). into a socially responsive AND effectively communicating baby with a deep hunger to connect to the world and the adults that populate it in explicit exchanges about that world through ASL is next to unbelievable - but I have seen it multiple times now myself. The delight and magic of a baby who through signing months and months prior to being able to communicate with verbal language, allows insight into their world and their ongoing experience. This is one of the most extraordinary experiences I have had. Baby Hands Productions with their superb product line (entirely respectful of the babies requirements), compelling to the babies and engaging to their parents (grandparents...) is owed a full round of applause for creating this choice in the world. They have opened a new door, a new possibility for making the world a better place - especially for babies and their parents - by making those intial months of experience a fascinating exploration of the world and their relationships with their parents rather than months of frustration as the communication gap that typically exists between ages 10 and 18 months. Bravo and thank you, Baby Hands Productions.John

Love the music, love the images, love the variety of signs ... all in all, 5 stars!
Monica, from St. Joseph, MO  
       I am an experienced signing parent, having signed with my second son and am currently signing with my 20-month-old daughter. I have seen many signing videos over the last four years, both as a parent and as a professional in the baby signing industry. Upon viewing My Baby Can Talkô - First Signs DVD for the first time, I was very impressed for a number of reasons. For starters, the movie itself is extremely engaging. I have my own little group of testers here in the house (three children) and I gauged their reactions carefully. Lauren, the youngest at 20 months, watched it the whole way through the first time with me by her side. She was able to connect the signs with the images on the screen quite easily with a little help from mom and genuinely enjoyed the footage of the animals the best (the panda having a snack is her favorite). I also thought that it was really great to show both an adult as well as a baby signing every sign. This is helpful in more than one way - children get to see another child in their age group signing and they also get to see the sign signed with more precision by an adult. The repetition in the movie is perfect as well as the variety of images shown. It really reinforces the sign. Love the music, love the images, love the variety of signs ... all in all, 5 stars!

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