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The Best   
Elizabeth, from Houston, Tx  
       I absolutely love this DVD! Both of my daughters, ages 4 and 2, have learned these signs. They have not seen the video in over a year, and still know all of them! It is so much fun for them to learn more signs, and it makes them very proud to show them off. I believe it has helped them communicate and learn new words.

My kids love these signing videos!
Lorelei, from Columbia, Maryland  
       We have the first two DVD's and I'm here to order the 3rd! We used the dvd's with my daughter who was a late talker, and she knew all the signs in the videos, plus some! She loved watching them over and over again. She never seemed to get tired of them, like she did with other programming. We are now using them with my 15 month old. He will walk up to the tv and start singing 'more' for me to put the video on for him. Can't wait to get the 3rd video!

Carolyn, from St. Paul, MN  
       Please make more DVDs! My toddler loves them. She is almost two and knows all the signs but she still likes to watch these shows over and over. We always watch them together. She enjoys them much more than baby einstein, etc. What I appreciate (that baby e. does not have) is that you can watch words as chapters individually. Sometimes we just watch two or three. It shakes up the order and she can also tell me her viewing preference. We hope you have plans for more volumes soon.

We couldn't believe it...
Brandina, from Newport Beach, CA  
       My baby started viewing your videos at around 4-5 months old and she started signing by 8 months. We couldn't believe it. We have all 3 of your videos and she knows all the signs. She also started talking early - I think her understanding of sign has just helped her understand communication all around. THANK YOU SO MUCH! while my friends babies are screaming our daughter is talking/signing away. And she loves the videos- she would rather watch your videos than any other learning videos we've tried.

My daughter loves the videos!
Amy, from San Antonio, TX  
       As a special education teacher, I feel very strongly that early learning and communication begins the lifelong learning process. My daughter started with the First Signs video and was signing for milk and more by 6 months. The video holds her attention and is pleasant for parents as well. I bought the other 2 DVD's and the board books and my duaghter loves those too! She is now 9 months and is making many more signs (dog, diaper, sleep, daddy, etc). People often comment on how happy our daughter is, and I attribute that to the fact that she is able to communicate her needs, which minimizes frustration. When I took her to the pediatrician, she was very impressed by my daughter's ability to tell me she wanted to eat her cereal by signing eat. I highly recommend these products and will purchase them for all of my pregnant friends as a gift!

Fantastic DVD!
Tara, from Leominster, MA  
       My daughter LOVES this DVD!!! It's extremely interesting for babies....she's 9.5 months and can sign most of the signs from the video and more! I can't wait to order the rest!!!

The Best Sign DVDs
Caroline, from Westminster, CO  
       I have all 3 DVDs and love them. We reviewed other DVDs but My Baby Can Talk ones were the most interesting and fun to watch. I started signs on my own with our baby Luc but your DVDs really helped us accelerate the learning process. Compared to other babies, Luc is never frustrated because he can express himself and the big smile on his face is priceless when he knows he is understood. I cannot wait for other DVDs to come out... Hurry, Luc is growing up!

Awesome signing DVD for babies!
Christine, from Severn, MD  
       I bought this for my son who had tantrums since an early age (we later discovered he has Asperger's Syndrome). I thought if he could express himself, it might cut down on the severity. And with the help of the first DVD, it helped us to communicate. At a year, he knew the entire DVD within two weeks' time. (He is a visual child. He didn't speak until after he was two.) My daughter at 9 months, looked at the TV and looked at her hands and signed 'more'. She was smitten with Blues Clues until we put this DVD series in. There is nothing she enjoys more (where television is concerned) than these DVDs. It's amazing and I look forward to watching her blossom with her language. She is a very talkative child (jibberish, of course), but she's certainly 'getting it' with the signs. One thing that is a bit humorous is that the woman who signs made my son fearful, whereas my daughter lights up with a big smile when she comes on. Talk about polar opposites!! Thank you SO much for giving my son and soon, my daughter as well, a way to express themselves. I give your DVDs as baby gifts, I am so 'sold' on these videos! My friends have enjoyed them as well!

Bobbi, from Miami, FL  
       I purchased your program for my nephew and his wife when they had their son,Connor. He started signing when he was about 6 months old and now at 2 , he is really communicating with the hearing impaired. I wish you had been available when I had my children and grandchildren. As a Pediatric Nurse I always knew that children could communicate before their vocal cords developed. I taught my children to make some signs, but didn't follow through as I should have. I recommend your program to all my friends.

Great DVD
Sally, from Hanford, CA  
       This is a great dvd not only for the signing, spoken words and pictures but my son at 19 months is also learning the classical music that is so pleasant to hear for us as parents watcing also. Thanks can't wait to buy the others.

Simply Amazing!
Lynn, from Union City, CA  
       I was introduced to the Baby Hands DVDs through my sister-in-law. She used them for both her daughters. As she passed the DVDs to me for my youngest child, I wasn't sure what to expect. We started playing the First Signs DVD for my daughter at 5 months because the music really soothed her. Now at 9 months, she is signing! She absolutely loves this video and can watch from beginning to end. My two older children love watching it also. It's amazing to be able to communicate with our baby and know that she understands!

So Perfect for Babies
Julie, from Santa Cruz, CA  
       My son cares NOTHING for TV of any kind...can't be bothered to stop and watch...Until I put in this DVD. We were amamzed. It is so perfect for babies! It is slow and musical with lots of examples for each word (both real and toy/make believe!) Nice work!

Fantastic - helps develop language skills!
Chrystal, from Little Rock, AR  
       I have a degree in Early Childhood Education, and for a long time I was of the firm belief that television in ANY form was not appropriate for children under the age of 2. Little did I realize that such a valuable resource could exist in the form of a DVD. My mom bought First Signs for my son when I was pregnant with him because she and I have always been interested in basic sign language. I graciously accepted the DVD and silently vowed never to put it in the DVD player until my son was at least 2 years old. I got curious about it when he was around 11 months old and put it in. We watched it together, and after our first viewing he started signing milk. I quickly realized that this could be a great help for boosting his lagging communication skills. And it absolutely was! When he got a few more basic signs down, I could go through the list if he started to throw a fit -- he usually wanted to eat, by the way ;). Thanks so much for such a quality product. I love the music, the first-person delivery, the usefulness of the basic signs presented -- everything! I look forward to getting Exploring Signs soon.

First Signs
Suzi, from Jefferson City, Missouri  
       I got my 10 month old grandaughter the FIrst Signs and the Sharing signs videos. She will not sit still and watch any videos except these two! She loves them and it is amazing how quickly she learned and how much fun we have learning and signing with her!

First Signs
Donna, from Sanford, ME  
       I have twin boys,and this video helped them to be able to communicate with me earlier than their older brother. They were comfortable being with others as we sent their video with them for those who didn't know the signs,as well as a signing dictioary. It worked so well for us, that I recommend it to everyone I meet, or know who is either having or recently had a baby, or young children. My twins have lead poisoning,and everyone who deals with them is impressed with them,and I tell all of the doctors,therapists,teachers in their classes that you videos are behind it! I had a friend in New Zealand who was worried about her sons lack of speech,I sent her your first signs video,her soon started signing & speaking with in the first weeks of its arrival. I can't say enough good about your videos. I had my second set of twins last June,and tried the baby einstiens signing video,as I couldn't find yours at the stores locally. I have just today reordered your first signs,& your newest exploring signs. Now we will have all three of your videos. I'm looking forward to watching them with my young twins during recovery from surgery of one, it will give them quiet together time. Thanks again!

Love it!!!!
Davina, from Lawton, Oklahoma  
       My daughter is 8 months old and has been watching First Signs for about a week and a half. She has already started to ask for milk by signing and even tries to say milk. It comes out as mil. She has a favorite Pooh bear that she sleeps with and hasn't done the sign for bear yet, but now says bear. She also says bird when it comes up on the video. She loves the music and gets excited when I put the video in. I tried the Baby Einstein signing dvd when I couldn't find this dvd in any local stores (I had to buy it online) and would have taken it back if I could. My daughter was not interested in the video at all and I became bored with it shortly after it started. Plus it did not offer the signs that would be useful to her such as milk, more, drink, and eat. I will be purchasing the next dvd soon and am excited for future dvd's to come out.

Yvonne, from New Rochelle, NY  
       My grandson loves this video and now he is three and we still use the signing.

My Baby Can Talk
Carol, from Uncasville, CT  
       This is an excellent DVD! My daughter started watching this when she was just about seven months old. She was just mesmerized by it! Now both my daughter, who is three, and my son, two; enjoy learning the signs. I would highly recommend this DVD!

Heather, from San Marcos, TX  
       I love these DVDs! My daughter is now 20 months old and she has been watching them since she was 10 months old. She watches them over and over again. She has learned to communicate the things she sees to my husband and myself. It teaches her about things she hasn't seen yet. I love the fact it shows you the proper way to see the sign language and it also shows you what it would look like if a child were to sign the same thing. I love it! I know what to expect when she signs back to me! I highly recommend these to anyone!

First Signs & Sharing Signs
Maggie, from Honolulu, HI  
       I have a seven month old son and since I have started showing him the My Baby Can Talk DVD's he is able to sit still and watch it at one setting. And I am watching with him:)) as I am enjoying it as much as he does. These DVD's are excellent. Giving a child an opportunity to explore and learn at a slow, child's appropriate, pace. I am so happy that there is a new DVD on the market, that I have just purchased, as I believe my son gains a lot of knowledge from it and it surely will help him to communicate later on. Good Job and keep on making those DVD's as they are helpful not only for children with hearing problems but also for babies who just want to learn how to communicate.

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