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Carrie, from Baltimore, MD  
       My daughter started watching this at 4 months because the music would calm her. At 6 1/2 months she did her first sign! Now at 16 months she does over 30 signs! I feel it saves me from temper tantrums! I worked on a lot of the signs regularly with her but not all of them, then all of a sudden she started doing the other signs on the video that we hadn't even worked on. After she mastered this DVD, we got the next on! Thank you so much for this amazing DVD! I plan to use it for every child I have!

She Loves It!
Mandy, from Indiana  
       I started showing my daughter this movie at 10 months and she loves it and she caught on so fast. Kids will learn what we teach them and this movie is a easy way for them to learn.

Making life just a little easier!
Sami, from Denver, CO  
       When I first recieved the My Baby Can Talk First Signs video I never imagined the impact that it would have on my son Patrick's life. Now we have moved on to the Sharing Signs video and given our first video to Patrick's older cousin who cannot express his needs without throwing a temper tantrum. This has only made me realize how grateful I am that I have gotten the oppertunity to communicate with my child. It has made my life as a parent just a little bit easier. Thanks!!! Looking forward to buying the third video soon.

Our Babies Can Talk!
Crystal, from Woodbridge VA  
       We own a childcare and started using this dvd 2 years ago in our infant room during the hour before lunch,everyday. Within 2 mos they were communicating, even to their parents! I had to send the dvd home as homework so the parents could see what the children were saying.


The best baby product on the market
Cynthia Turgel, from Blainville, Quebec  
       Our baby is now 16 months old and has been watching the first two DVD's since she was 10 months. She not only learned the signs from the video, but the words as well. She now has a vocabulary of over 250 words and always uses the signs upon saying the word. These DVD's are a must for every baby and are not only educational, but enjoyable as well. I have just ordered the third DVD and I can't wait to see my baby pick up some knew signs. She enjoys learning and we love to watch those little hands of hers signing. She even makes up signs when we don't understand what she wants (e.g. blowing a kiss with her hand as she says kiss, or blowing as she signs tree, like a tree blowing in the wind). We live in French Canada and she attends a French daycare for 2 hours a day, she has taught the daycare moniters (whom don't speak English) how to sign and therefore is able to communicate with them through signing. Everyone was amazed to see a 12 month old asking for milk, crackers and a bear each morning. I can just go on and on about how absolutely incredible these DVD's are, and how wonderful it is when your baby is able to communicate with you, so please accept a great big thank you for making these videos.

Finneganís Mom Charissa, from Orlando, FL  
       We started signing with our son when he was 8 months old, but didn't have much success initially. We were doing it on our own with no other visual aids and he wasn't signing back.

We purchased First Signs and Sharing Signs when he was 9 months old and within a month, he was signing back to us. By his 1st birthday, he was using 35+ signs regularly and would bring the DVDís to us, asking to watch it. It was clear he felt empowered and thrilled at the fact that he could communicate with us.

We were very excited to see that their was going to be a 3rd DVD in the series and after watching it just twice, he began using the weather signs. We had also pointed out colors to him previously, but he did not pick up on them until watching the DVD. He is now regularly describing objects using color.

Teaching him the emotion signs has been unbelievably helpful. He is able to tell us if he is in pain (with teething or a stomach ache) or if he is scared. He can describe what he wants rather than crying.

Just one tantrum avoided or late night awakening quickly rectified would have been worth it to us, and we have gotten so much more than that out of this. Our Pediatrician is impressed with our son every time he visits. He is inquisitive, intelligent and communicative. I attribute a great deal of that to the The My Baby Can Talk Series. Thank you.

I sell this product every day!!!
Crystal, from Palm Bay, FL  
       My husband and I have two children. We started watching these videos with our oldest when she was about 9 months old. By 18 months she was clearly speaking more than 100 words. Everyone who has come in contact with her is amazed by how advanced her vocabulary is, and I tell them it is thanks to these wonderful videos!!! My oldest (Skyler) is now 3 and we just recieved the third video. She is just as enthusiastic and captivated by this video as she was by the first two. Skyler is already using the signs on the third video, and we can't wait to have our now 2 month old (Kailey) start talking and signing with these videos!!! What you have done with these products is fantastic, and I can't wait for the video that teaches older children to use sign in conversations!!!! Thank you so much for this educational tool that has helped us to bond and communicate with our children!

5 Stars!!!
Campbellís Mom Tessa, from San Jose, CA  
       I am writing to tell you how much my daughter, Campbell, loves your third DVD in the My Baby Can Talk series. We have been watching the movie almost daily because she loves the DVD and she likes to sign the word "slide" and watch the toy animals work themselves up the ladder and down the slide. She signs "slide" and says the word. She is working hard at trying to learn all the signs and doing a great job of trying to master the signs. Some with her own little twist! She is really enjoying the movie and I can't be happier!

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see her so excited when she remembers a sign or uses a sign while reading a book or going for a walk to let me know what she is seeing and what she would like to do. Campbell is going to turn two years old soon and it's been wonderful teaching her sign language. It has made communications with her so much easier and stronger. Since she is using more language skills and trying to talk; when she is trying to find the words to express herself, I remind her to use her signs and then she isn't so frustrated!! And neither are we!! She is also a budding little artist, so the learning the color signs, such as red, yellow or blue, has been a wonderful addition into our art time together! Thank you so much for creating such an educational and wonderful product. I keep recommending your DVDs and website to people where ever we go , and I highly recommend its use to new moms and dads(and so do Campbell's Grandparents!). Thank you again and I look forward to more wonderful products from you in the future!

Educational and Entertaining! A MUST for your collection!
Havenís Mom Kristin, from Ladora, IA  
       I have been using the My Baby Can Talk products with my son since he was 9 months old, and now at 22 months, Haven has an extensive sign (75 + words) AND verbal vocabulary! He even introduced himself to another child at the park last week, much to my own amazement! I give so much credit to My Baby Can Talk, for the effective and entertaining approach each DVD takes to Baby Signing!! I truly think this early approach at communication has done nothing but good things for our family!

Since Haven is speaking so well already I was concerned that he wouldn't have as much interest in the newest DVD "Exploring Signs" but I couldn't wait to put it to the test...and boy did it ever prove me wrong!! Haven was so engaged! He was saying the words with the DVD and attempting most all the new signs! He loved the DVD so much he asked to watch it again as soon as it was over...and has repeatedly ask to watch it daily since the first time he viewed it! The signs were very practical for the every day world of a Toddler! Everything was very recognizable to him, and this kept his interest peeked. The rhyme rhythms the newest "Exploring Signs" uses are such a treat to both toddler AND mom! They are easy to remember and use even in day to day conversations with my child.

Not only is the baby/toddler portion of the DVD a hit, but I found the parent tutorial extremely helpful and full of even more signs and approaches to try myself! From beginning to end this DVD exceeds all expectations! It's a MUST have for anyone beginning to sign or already experienced in signing with their baby!

Entertaining and Educational!
Emmaís Mom Katie, from Scotts Valley, CA  
       My daughter loves her other My Baby Can Talk DVD's and this one was no different. Although she is 21 months old and using words now she still loves to learn and use new signs. Since her words are not always understandable, it relieves a lot of frustration on both our parts when she signs the word for me as well.

The signs in this DVD were all very useful and applicable to our everyday life. She loved learning the sign for swing & slide and uses them every time were at the park. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone interested in teaching their baby to sign.

It's not only entertaining and holds their attention but a great educational tool for parents.

5 Stars Ė Done It Again!
Colinís Mom Kathy, from Los Altos, CA  
       We have been watching the My Baby Can Talk DVDs since my son was six months old. At eight months, he was signing a few words. At sixteen months, he now signs and speaks, and has a pretty extensive vocabulary. I am entirely convinced that a large part of his language skill is a result of watching these videos. The information is presented in a way, and at a pace, that is easy to digest and absorb. Anything else I have seen is nothing like this. The pace, the repetition, and the humor, I think, are a very successful combination.

The third in the series, Exploring Signs, maintains this formula. While my son is now familiar with, and speaking, many of the words, he still delights in watching the video, and learning new words and slightly more abstract concepts, like color.

The new video maintains the standard I have come to appreciate from the other two. I recommend this series to people all the time. I believe it aids in overall language development Ö and is really one of the only things my son consistently loves to watch.

Big Thumbs Up!! ***** Five Stars!
Elijahís Mom Betty, from Lakewood, CA  
       We have been very fortunate to have been able to preview Exploring Signs. I must say that once again we are very impressed and pleased with the video. Our son Elijah who is now 19 months old, loves all the music and he recognizes some of the objects used and signs them as he dances. These are the only videos that he will sit and watch attentively, the minute he sees the DVD player he smiles and asks us to play his favorite DVD's, he wonít even watch any of the popular cartoon movies yet but show him a My Baby Can Talk signing DVD and he is hooked!

Exploring Signs is definitely a big hit in our household, once again we are all learning new exciting signs. We are happy to know that the company is growing and that our toddler is growing with and learning so much. I recommend these DVDs to everyone I meet and I give them as gifts to family and friends. They are great for the development of our little ones please continue to make these wonderful videos. Thanks a million from an extremely satisfied costumer and parent.

Building Vocabulary with Signs
Brendan & Caoilinnís Mom Erin, from Lowell, MA  
       I continue to be amazed at how quickly and easily my children learn from the My Baby Can Talk videos! The format is fun, engaging and it really works! Exploring Signs has taken my sonís signing up a level with the addition of color adjectives; he is now putting 2 and 3 signs together! The videos are a tremendous language and vocabulary resource for all children. I have seen the results, and I highly recommend signing with the My Baby Can Talk series!

True Believer!
Michelle, from Pace, FL  
       I started this DVD 2 weeks ago with my 5 month old baby, and last night she signed "milk" while I was fixing her milk bottle. I couldn't believe she caught on so fast! She loves the DVD's and stares intently at them.

Great Video!
Ashley, from Danielson, CT  
       This video is great! It captured my 18 month old's complete attention. She started doing the signs with the video right away and has been doing them ever since. A true must for all kids!

Heather, from West Grove, PA  
       We started teaching my son to sign at 11 months. Before you knew it he learned all the signs on the first DVD and we had to buy the second DVD. It was funny to see him doing the signs before they came up next. We have been waiting a long time for the new DVD and we can't wait to purchase it. Now that my son is two he can sign over 100 + words . He is less frustrated then other kids his age because he CAN communicate. We went to the doctor the other day and he signed and told his pediatrician what hurt. He even taught her the sign for doctor!! Pretty AMAZING if you think about it. I was so impressed with this product that I wrote to Oprah. Hopefully one day all children will learn how to sign and communicate better with one another. This is the best gift ever given to my child!

Heather, from West Grove, PA  
       We started teaching my son to sign at 11months. Before you knew it he learned all the signs on the first DVD and we had to buy the second DVD. I cant wait to purchase the new one coming soon. Now that my son is two he can sign over 100 + words and we frequently get onto the website to go over the dictionary of signs. He is less frustrated then other kids his age because he CAN communicate. We went to the doctor the other day and he signed and told his pediatrician what hurt. He even taught her the sign for doctor!! Pretty AMAZING if you think about it. I was so impressed with this product that I wrote to Oprah. Hopefully one day all children will learn how to sign and communicate better with one another. This is the best gift ever given to my child!

Yvette, from Aspen  
       My baby started signing "milk" from watching the dvd at 5 months. He is almost one and can now verbally say dog and duck from watching the dvd. He can also sign dog, book, more, car and go. He understands drink, eat, and duck. He is open to learning words because he has learned that all things have names! We watch the dvd together in the mornings while he eats his breakfast and I do all the signs and say all the words with him. He loves it and it is a nice time to share with him.

Heather, from Winchester, VA  
       My daughter is 2 and has been watching since she was 4 months old.. She brings me the DVD to watch and has always come running when she hears the opening music. It is the only thing she will watch. I still have to get Sharing Signs, but I want more. We've tried 3 other sign DVD's and she won't watch them and I get bored watching them or I can't figure out which sign goes to which word... And I love that they are ASL too.

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