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My Baby Can Talk   
Tara, from Kasson, MN  
       Thank you so much for the wonderful video! Not only is my 13 month old daughter now able to do 8 signs already, but she also learned how to say "cat"! It is so nice to be able to communicate with her even before she can verbally tell us what she wants. I can't wait for the next DVD release!

my baby CAN talk!!
Samantha, from Woodstock  
       I just wanted to share with everyone that we have BOTH these dvds and my daughter Aurora has been glued to them. She actually brings me the dvd case to put them on for her and she has done this since she was 9 months - she now knows the signs for "eat, milk, puppy, kitty, bed, more, all done", and a few others - its been great!! She can tell me when she wants to eat or drink and go to bed thus making her a VERY happy EASY baby!!!! These videos are fun for both parents and their babies to sit and watch together! Again we LOVE them!! Best out there!!

Very Useful
Lisa, from Stony Brook, NY  
       My son has been watching the sign video since he was 5 months old. Now at 9 months he has about 8 words he can sign on his own when he wants something. My son is less frustrated and actually squeels with excitement when we are able to understand what he wants. I recommend it to all mothers. My 10 year old son likes it too. They actually communicate and they BOTH really enjoy learning more and more signs.

Signed after a WEEK!
Amanda, from Manchester, TN  
       I purchased both DVDs. We watched them and practiced the signs together and my 15 month old son began signing "bird" and "dog" after one week! Now at 17 months, his signing vocabulary has exploded to over 30 signs!

Great Quality
Rosie, from Tigard, OR  
       This video is much better than other videos I've seen, including the highly-praised Baby Einsteins. This video is VERY SIMPLE and thus VERY EFFECTIVE and engaging.

I feel like all the other baby videos I've seen take forever to even get started because they're so busy with extended introductions that seem to be trying to indoctrinate children with their brand name early. They also have a cluttered feel, which I believe distracts from their educational quality and effectiveness.

My baby began signing several of the words from this video at 12 months and continues to add more. She's never grown tired of this videos and she's been watching it for several months now. I never thought I'd show any videos to my baby but I highly recommend this one.

Child Development Class
Cheryl, from Knoxville, Iowa  
       My daughter brought my 14-month old granddaughter to visit at the high school where I teach. The child development teacher invited us to visit the class the next hour. My granddaughter and daughter had been watching the signing videos for months. The students were fascinated by the baby but apparently the long-lasting impression was her signing; she had told them that she wanted to "eat" a cracker and wanted "more". I brought the video in another day, and the classroom teacher bought one for the class. It is such fun seeing a 14-month old able to let us know what she wants. I'm glad my daughter "wished" for it when her daughter was born.

We love it!
Maggie, from Scottsdale, AZ  
       My baby and I have learn so much from this 2 videos, it is so easy to understand what he needs! I really would like to know if you are going to make another video, the way that the videos are made is amazing. My son is 14 months now, but he was 10 months when he started to watch them. THANK YOU!!! I totally recomend this videos to ALL the moms and dads that want to teach their kids sign language, these videos are the best!!!!!

What a difference!
M, from Michigan  
       I started my daughter on the videos at 9 months and she did her first sign by 10 months and I was truly amazed. She could finally get across to me what she wanted! She had learned most of the signs by about 14 months and it has made a HUGE difference in our lives. She is one of the most fuss-free babies I have ever seen b/c she can actually communicate what she wants instead of just having to cry and point. When she started daycare, the daycare workers were amazed as well and I have bought your videos for them and they're starting to teach all the babies sign language now. My friends are also jumping on this as they have seen what a huge difference it makes. I only wish there were 10 other videos! Thank you so much for making such an enormous difference in our lives!

Love It
Sharon, from West Alexandria, Ohio  
       My son is 13 months old and has been watching these videos since he was five months old. They keep him attention because they are wonderfully put together. He has really learned to sign from viewing these. He can do six signs and is trying to do more. We absolutely love these!!!

Absolutely Wonderful
Belinda, from Las Vegas, NV  
       My daughter started watching "My Baby Can Talk First Signs" when she was about 8 month old. By 10 month old she did her first sign! She is now almost a year and she knows about five signs. She jumps with joy and claps her hands when we turn on her movie. Even my older children are interested in the movie and have learned almost all the signs! This DVD is absolutely wonderful!!

What a wonderful gift
Angela, from Williamsport, PA  
       My daughter is 17 months and has almost mastered all the words on this dvd. She began watching it at around 6 or 7 months and picked up a few signs at about 9 or 10 months and then all of a sudden, she had a sign language boom and has grasped almost all of them! I would recommend this dvd to any new parent or parent of an infant. It helps us avoid tantrums and I think it gives my daughter a real sense of autonomy.

The BEST Signs DVD for Babies
Traci, from Staten Island, NY  
       I can't say enough about these DVDs. They helped my son so much. I never new of the DVDs until a friend told me about them. My son was not speaking very much at 2 yrs old. So I let him watch the DVDs just for the words alone. He took to the words very fast. In 4 weeks he was signing and saying all the words. I am thrilled with the DVDs. I just wish there were more available. He watches them once a day and really enjoys them. His speech is doing great. I now tell everyone who has a baby about My Baby Can Talk.

HIGHLY recommended!!!
Cheryln, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  
       I ordered the DVD when my daughter was 8 mos. She is now almost 11 mos and is signing! She gets so excited when she sees the menu screen, anticipating her favourite show!

Signing at 8 months!
Meredith, from Winnie, TX  
       I had my daughter watching First Signs around 4 months old. I was so shocked when she did the sign for dog at 8 months old. She can sign almost any sign we show her now at 18 months old! We recommend My Baby Can Talk to everyone!

Love it!!
Carrie, from Fremont, NE  
       My 29 month old wasn't talking at 24 months...just babble. We had him evaluated by the schools and they said he has some speech delay and development delay. In the last 4 1/2 monthes he can say all of the words in the First Signs DVD and also sign most. He likes it so much that when a bunny hops or the horse gallops so does he, also has picked up words like Cookie from More Cookies. The Number one Thing he doesn't due Yet is call me Mom....I hope the second video helps him the way this one has we will be ordering for Christmas present. PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING....WE LOVE IT !!!

Son loves the DVD's
Corinne, from Waldwick, NJ  
       WE LOVE BABY HANDs. My son communicates amazingly through sign and speech since he was young. He is now two and continues to love the two dvds. I now give them as baby shower and birthday gifts.

My Baby Can Talk First and Sharing Signs (1 and 2)
Cassandra, from Indianapolis IN  
       About a year ago, when my first son was 9 months old, I read and article about using sign language to communicate with children. I thought I'd try the videos, because if nothing else, at least Luke would learn to put some objects with words. It was just dumb luck that I picked this DVD series. It took about 2 months of watching 3-4 times a week, but when it finally clicked, boy did it ever! In fact, my husband was becoming frustrated and about to quit watching the video with him.

Then one day when he was 11 months old he started signing "more". When Luke saw my reaction he immediately flashed me the biggest smile I've ever seen and then signed "dog", then "drink" and each day he added a new sign or two. After watching it for 4 months he started to become bored. Then I got the second DVD and the amazement in his eyes started all over.

Now he is 20 months old and speaks as well as signs almost every word on the two DVD's. He still enjoys watching them. His little brother Noah just turned 7 months old and we will start exposing him to the DVD's in about a month. He was 7-8 weeks premature and I have read a lot on the subject of preemies signing. It is highly encouraged by pediatricians, due to the fact that many preemies, especially boys, display delays in language development.

Amazing comunication
Candace, from Redondo, CA  
       Saxon has been watching the videos since he was 10 months old and has been comunicating with his signs ever since. His now 2 1/2 and we always know what he wants or has to say. Saxon has a full vocabulary and when we can't quite understand his words he knows it and signs. He was in the bath and I couldn't undersatand what he was saying so I asked him if he had a sign for that and he signed "cold" so I knew the water was too cold. We were out of town and he was asking us to hold him he then signed "scared" so we knew how he felt. This has been just amazing for our family, never once have we not known what he has to say!! Thanks, Candace

This is so great!
Jayna, from Alabama  
       My daughter is 21 months old. She could only say a few words & everything else was just jabber. I bought the 1st signs dvd not knowing what she would think of it, she's very picky about what she watches. The first time she watched it, she couldn't take her eyes off of it, learned 3 of the signs immediately and asks to watch it everyday. After a week and a half she knows all the signs & is actually saying some of the words with the sign! I was so impressed I can't wait to get the sharing signs dvd. This is a great product, very well made! A++++++

Hurry, we need a new one!
Stacy, from Graham, WA  
       My son just loves these two videos! The only videos he will actually sit and watch. The only thing is, he loves and watches them so much, he already knows all the signs! Please hurry and make a new one! This had helped him so much, he now signs and says the word at the same time.

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