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Signing Doggy!   
Tiffany, from Spiceland, IN  
       I began teaching my baby sign just before he was 8 months old. We started with the simple signs on the video. Before he was 9 months old, he was already signing dog! (doggy) He would hear our dogs bark in the morning, and then immediately sign dog. Shortly after that he began picking up other signs such as drink, more, fish, milk, etc. He is only 10 months old now, and has quite the signing vocabulary! When he wakes up from a nap, he begs to watch the first signing video. He points to the T.V., claps his hands, and then signs dog! It is so nice that he can communicate with us at such a young age!!!!

Marissa, from Phoenix, AZ  
       I know that every parent must think that their child is a genius, but mine truly is thanks to this DVD. I started First Signs when she was 9 months and for awhile I thought that I was wasting our time. I stuck to it because my friends encouraged me to do so. After a month or so she really started to catch on. She is now 14 months and she uses her signs on a REGULAR basis. All our friends and family are amazed. She is able to communicate what she needs and signing gives her confidence that we know what she is asking for. Thanks!!

My Baby Can Talk
Christin, from Atlanta, GA  
       My 10 month old LOVES it. She can watch it 5 times a day every day if I let her. It's the only dvd that holds her interest. I think it's the music and the little girl on the dvd that she loves the most but the whole production is just awesome.

Sharing Signs & First Signs
Desiree, from Germany  
       Awesome. I wish there were more DVDs in the series. My daughter only wants to watch these two DVDs. Please make more!!

She signs
Jillianne, from Columbia, MD  
       My daughter has been watching these videos since she was about 4 months old. She absolutely loved the music and colors. Now today she absolutely loves music of any sorts and about two weeks ago we noticed her signing to us...or trying to. Now that she just turned ten months old and can sign milk, more, eat, drink and has been trying to sign dog, cat, and duck. She loves the second video and squeels with delight when she see's the babies. She sits perfectly still and watches the video and then stares at her hands and wiggles her fingers-like she is debating whether she can do the new signs. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in making such qualty videos for children that are also educational. And it is already helping our daughter try and communicate with us.

First Signs
Karen, from Aptos, CA  
       I teach Baby Sign Language on the Central California Coast. I make it a point to preview First Signs with each class, with their consensus of course. My students, (Moms, Dads, Caregivers, and Babies), and I find this video captivating, professionally produced, and a highly useful tool for learning baby signs. Even the parents who would prefer not to expose their babies to television, felt that First Signs was an exception. A number of parents have told me that their babies mimicked the signs after only one or two viewings! I am delighted with this product, and look forward to any sequels!

Well Done Again!
Lori, from Hollister, Missouri  
       We love this video every bit as much as the last one. It is a very creative and pleasing mix of sights. sounds, animals and children, with lively music in the background. My seventeen month old daughter loves it, and learns a lot more than just signs when she watches these. I did notice a lot of the same music from the first video on this one, and though is pleasant enough to listen to, it would be nice if a different selection is used for future videos. Thanks for creating such a great product!

Katie, from KY  
       My baby is only 7 months and she has been signing milk since 6 months, she also recognizes other signs. We love this!! She watches it every night and my husband and I learn as she does! Thanks!!!

The Best DVD
Laura, from Queens, NY  
       My son is 22 months and he absolutely loves these DVD's. It has taught him so much, he signs and talks so much since watching them. He gets so excited when he hears the music first come on at the beginning of the video. I also think he is in love with the little girl in the video she is so cute. I hope you continue to make more.

Love it
Kristie, from Budd Lake, NJ  
       My daughter has been watching this DVD as well as the First Sign one since she was about 5 or so months. She's almost 9 months now. She hasn't signed back yet but she LOVES watching the both of them. She gets so excited every time I put them in. I have no doubt that she'll be signing soon. I can't wait for the next DVD.

We love it
Dana, from Sioux City, Iowa  
       My 18 month old loves this video more than any video she has. When I put it in and hit play when the sound comes on she immediately starts making the monkey sound and sign. Not only is she learning to communicate with signs it has increased her vocabulary a great deal. We love these videos and only wish ther was more.

Sharing Signs
Julea, from   
       My husband and I are just amazed at how quickly our 18 month old learns to 'talk with her hands.' We are both so pleased with both of the DVD's. Samantha is putting words together. She will ask with her hands for a drink and she will say please and thank you along with it. This has been such a wonderful experience for us. I have recommended both DVD's to all of our friends. Samantha's favorite word to say with her hands is Daddy!

Love It!
Lori, from Hollister, Missouri  
       My 16 month old daughter LOVES to watch this video. She even learned several signs from it that I hadn't taught her yet! She can do about 20 different signs now, and is a very happy, content baby. Instead of crying when she wants something, she gets my attention saying 'pee' ('please'), then signs what she wants. She also has learned to speak a number of words from the video too, and now combines words and signs to communicate. The video is a very pleasing mix of music, sights, sounds, animals and children. Very creative and well done. I have one suggestion: On future videos could you put the option of 'Repeat Play' on the DVD, so that the video will automatically play again? That is a wonderful option to have. Thanks!

First signs
Vlad, from Atlanta, GA  
       My daughter loves it. Every time she smiles and enjoys herself.

Pam, from Little Suamico, WI  
       Again, thank you , waiting for the next release! My 18 month old granddaughter signs gramma, video, please! We truly are having a blast! After the last 2 dvd's we are truly understanding each other, no more guessing games as to why she is mad or what she wants! Again a very grateful grandmother!

Sharing Signs
Sheri, from Knoxville, TN  
       Caitlin (14 months) loves both DVDs. We showed her the Sharing Signs DVD a few times the first day we had it, and Caitlin started making the sign for diaper right away when we changed her on Sun. She also learned hat, too. When we show her the sign for socks, and actual socks, she makes the sign for shoes, which is probably close enough for her. Caitlin LOVES to watch these DVDs and has picked up the signs that are most important to her. We enjoy 'talking' with her !

Excellent Program!
Christine, from Schererville, Indiana  
       My son is now 17 months old and knows every sign from the original DVD, First Signs. He does all the signs along with the video and just loves watching it. I have ordered the second DVD and can't wait to get it as I know he will learn those signs easily as well. All of my friends are amazed when Jack signs for something to eat or drink and I always recommend this program to them. It's wonderful! It's also so exciting to see him use the signs on a daily basis and just see how much he is learning and really understands. I highly recommend it!

What a joy!
Anne Marie, from Port Monmouth, NJ  
       I am amazed at how quickly she has picked up and starting using the signs. It is so exciting to see your little one communicate well before she can talk!

Excellent Educational Tool
Shari, from   
       I purchased the DVD for my granddaughter and started playing it every day from infancy. At ten months of age she was signing dog and as of today, she is one year old and can sign five of the words from this DVD. I am amazed and ecstatic over this education tool and have purchased a DVD for my neice who is expecting her first baby in February.

Better than Baby Einstein!
Elizabeth, from Westwood,MA  
       We love this video, and are ordering the new one after I finish this, I'm hoping that this one will have signs to do with feelings. If not why not make one!

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